❤ 12 HOURS ❤ LULLABY for Babies to go to Sleep | Baby LULLABY songs go to sleep | Music for babies


Calming LULLABY for babies to go to sleep with cute smiling baby in a 12 hour loop and white noise. Relaxing Baby LULLABY songs also for newborns, children and bedtime music for toddlers.
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  1. was wondering why the bby lullaby go to sleep video was deleted was my favorite for my kids was wondering if maybe you can put it bk up .. was the one that had ur backround cover photo the little baby with blue eyes and the music was played with piano soft nots not high pitch followed with soft pitch flute.. clarinet and so on …

  2. Why were all the videos with the psycodelic type effects taken down? I've been scrolling through trying to find any like them, and it seems they're all gone. My son loves watching all the bright colors when falling asleep.

  3. It really works, my daughter has been up for over 2 hours and now she is just calm and sleeping… I am so thankful to you @Lullaby Baby… It's been a great help, keep up the good work

  4. can u guys make a 12 hour one it's really calm and may u make a Xmas one sorry if this is to much but me and my newborn likes it pls o pls ????????

  5. my litte gril name ku meh us sleeping and lisent to this song ???????❤??????????????????????????????⚘??????????????????????????? ????⭕?⛦⛥⛤???⚑⚐⛿✡?✔☟ like it

  6. Your other video of 8 hours is deleted. My baby who is 2.5 now is used to fall sleep with that video and now whatever I put, he doesn't like it. Please let me know if there is anyway I can find that one .

  7. I love it! also my baby sister!
    and its so so cute that the baby is REALLY sleeping! I thought it was a picture until she/he was breathing! Good job on your videos!

  8. I am very concerned for this babies mental health. They should not sleep in one position and make the same facial expressions on a pattern. Take is kid to a sleeping therapist. ( jk I know I know!! It's a replay, and that kid is adorable )

  9. i would like to know why my baby's favorite lullaby youtube was deleted? there was a lullaby clip 'brahms lullaby','twinkle twinkle little star','are you sleeping brother john' and so on by playing guitar and piano. Where did the video go? I and my baby want to keep listening? plz reply!

  10. Did you delete the other one? Its usually on the very front of my YouTube home and now I can't find it? I love this one too though! I used to put the other video on and also turn on a white noise machine but this one has both included. Thanks! ❤️

  11. it's been 8 min's and my daughter is not fully asleep but headed there. Thanks to this song with the calming water she is learning to stay in her room at 2 years old. We're on day three I am extremely happy to be enjoying my bed again with out a child in it kicking me

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