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  1. Girl u have me here tying knots with a piece of fabric like crazy and u saved my photo shoot for tomorrow. I have a model to shoot using a nice yellow fabric and needed ideas youre a BIG help!!. Thanks a lot and oh if you ever plan to come to Jamaica I would sooooo love to do a shoot with you you have a GREAT aesthetic body and you're clearly photogenic.

  2. omg I just subscribed to your channel that's why I'm mega late, but again, omg so beautiful, elegant, and tastefully sexy and your petite , tight frame from one hetero to another, so don't freak out in me lol, accentuates every style, all the more. Very creative. I'm going to try these looks this summer! YASSS!!!

  3. You did a great job explaining.  your style is on point.  
    Side note:  You should if you can do some more beauty videos(hair and makeup, fashion).  Don't be discouraged, hang in there, and be consistent it would take off. Good luck my sister.

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