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  1. Are all the dislikes because the guy keeps talking over the vid or because of something in the vid? (I know about the paintball gun but that's not for a ll the dislikes)

  2. I know it's late but, you at 5:04 scene. Your comment was dead on! Why was the CO such a bitch? She asked the LITTLE (i caps that to emphasis she was a minor and the CO begged her to and lil'girl missed so you body slam wow tough woman that weighs 100 lbs +/- 15 more, taller, and 10/15 years older then, hit the girl with pepper spray her no lawsuit problem solved, excessive force wow. She missed after you begged her to is no justified use of force, aka the above slam, and CO kept hitting either tho you knew you outmatched this child : pepper spray was better choice sorry if you hate me

  3. Let me address something you said, narrator. Referring to the girl who swung at the female guard, she deserved EVERY bit of being practically tackled into those metal benches. In jail & prison, the inmates themselves aren't the only people you have to worry about. Many times, the guards are just as much hardasses as the prisoners and will royally kick your ass just as quickly as they will. Ya know, it's kinda part of the whole prison experience.

  4. "Hur dur I'm from (some country other than the USA) and the USA is dangerous because these people are there, even though they're in prison, but they make all American cities dangerous durrrr."

  5. How comes in USA minors can be exposed to public? Here in Italy is absolutely not permitted to show the faces of minors under 18 involved in crimes. You make a mistake when you are 14, maybe you become a good person after and nonetheless your face will remain on the net forever?

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