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  1. also I hate when noobs want to get annoying guns in world at war I try to get that gun first so they don't try to kill me with it and that gun is the M2 Flamethrower

  2. I hate when I have a crawler and some noob kills it and you don't have time to get perks or pack a punch or if you leave a crawler and you revive a team mate and there is another team mate down near the box the noob goes for the box while you're dealing with the crawler

  3. in random order:
    1. getting double hit by a fucking zombie in early rounds
    2. getting shitty weapons/teddy bear from the box
    3. people who get the Monkey Bomb but throw it when there are no zombies around
    4. crawlers that come out of nowhere
    5. when people shoot zombies during Insta-kill
    6. getting the Nuke when killing a single zombie with the knife
    7. people who grab Max Ammo before you can even reload
    8. when the box spawns in the worst locations on Kino der Toten at the start of a match (Lower Hall, Alley and Back Room)
    9. the fire/lava on Black Ops II
    10. people who steal your kills/window in early rounds
    11. when people buy wall guns at the start of the match, why???
    12. people throwing grenades for no reason
    13. teammates who don't let you use the box
    14. when people ignore you after you go down and there are no zombies around
    15. people who leave for no reason
    16. people who go afk for the entire game
    17. people using the teleporter after you linked it
    18. not having enough points in rounds 10+ to open doors or buy weapons and you get cornered by zombies

  4. one time I got a ray gun but forgot to check on my noob teammate and he frikin trained all the zombies and expected me to save him. long story short I loved. just kidding. I got slapped on my ass cheek and fell down crying.

  5. if youre playing with multiple people and get respawned with no points get a wallgun and make like 3k points before going down and dying so when the next round starts you have points for a gun and jugg

  6. One time in five bo1 I pack a punched a pm 63 and the damn machine never spit my gun plus then I had zero dollars with the stakeout my god that pissed me off

  7. i hate when u play tranzit and u try to reload and u get a zombie scratching your eyes out and i hate when some one revives u and the stop and let u bleed out when no zombies are around, makes me wanna tea-bag them and watch them die

  8. When we were playing zombies me and friends were thinking there should be a way to put up the weapon you don't want by knifing the box so if there is a guy with a pistol they can actually get a weapon.

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