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  1. in my indonesian version : "my sweet lady jane, statusnya teng jen, bukannya mayjen, apalagi letjen
    ref : tnp bri sesajen, oles minyak wijen, berharap statusnya sekjen

  2. My sweet Lady Jane
    When I see you again
    Your servant am I
    And will humbly remain

    Just heed this plea, my love
    On bended knees, my love
    I pledge myself to
    Lady Jane

    My dear Lady Anne
    I've done what I can
    I must take my leave
    For promised I am

    This play is run, my love
    Your time has come, my love
    I've pledged my troth to
    Lady Jane

    Oh my sweet Marie
    I wait at your ease
    The sands have run out
    For your lady and me

    Wedlock is nigh, my love
    Her station's right, my love
    Life is secure with
    Lady Jane

  3. My sister and I performed this song when I was 17 and she 11 for the 50th anniversary of my grandparents. I played the guitar and she sang. Haven't seen her for 6 years now..

  4. Brian…Du bist der außergewähnliche Moment Deiner Band…vielseitig, creativ…welches Instrument hast Du eigentlich nicht gespielt ? Du bist der "George Harrison" der Stones

  5. Bin jetzt schlauer, beides, Lady Jane und auch Tell me hatte Brian geschrieben und so gemein wollte Jagger nicht sein! Now am more clever, Brian had written both, lady Jane and also Tell me and so commonly(nastily) Jagger did not want to be!