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  1. why they do this shit to cars? this is pure shit i bet if the car could speak it would be like "please kill me!" niggers and their nigger mobile.

  2. It's amazing what some people will invent to separate black people from their money. They problem is, we end up having to look at it.

  3. you goin 4wheel drivin that looks stupid 2 much $ not enough brains another dummy wantn sum attention lmfao yanks are wanks or u a big wankster lol

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  5. these are the best video of it that i know of. platnium player has s short video of it and there is a video of it at a gas station that all i know of

  6. I don''t like the jacked up donks. I prefer slammed and tucked, but damn you got some serious cash and customization in this. Props Bro.