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  1. dope vid, mwen vlé chanté sa/ name pluz. the sig girl de saint louis gonzague la, mwen kwè'l t miss Ayiti yon ané. li nan videyo ou la la sweet micky a. 1980 sa c ané pa'm lè m t fèt. en Ayiti ou pat tandé pil bri ekcepté lé yo t egzilé JCD a en 1986. depi lè a c kòm si Ayiti pa janm k dòmi ak de j fèmen. Ayiti mwen damou'w cheri

  2. Democracy and the us destroyed Haiti. A dictator ship had the country levied right with tourism low crime etc. but now Haiti is a door mat or toilet anyone can step and shit on. The country is Being robbed of all its natural resources by the French Americans Canadians and so on. My heart aches for my country and hope after god wipe this world out with the evil folk that Haiti can and will stand again independently without any help.

  3. When will anyone commit to fight for Haiti as a whole rather than a few small segments within Haiti? People always put children, women or families in the forefront as if these are the main factors plaguing the country. For the children and their families get out of poverty, their country has to proper first; until Haiti finds prosperity, poverty will continue. The leaders of foreign countries have their own issues to deal with. The international NGO's smiling at you when you on your flight to Haiti, the celebrities pausing with you while photos of needy women and children stare at them from the walls cannot bring the desperate change Haiti needs. These people are not going families to put Haiti on their agenda. Stop using desperate Haitian children and women for publicities that make look good–that is a blatant lie. No one is thinking or planning for Haiti on a macro level, no one envisions large significant projects that will employ Haitians, develop infrastructure and reliable public transportation network, build decent affordable housing, schools, hospitals, parks and stadiums; decentralize and decongest the main cities, assist and encourage agriculture and farming on a larger scale, provide reliable energy, drinking water. People will stay in their rural areas if they get at least the basic necessities. Everything is little projects and handouts that do nothing but stunting Haiti and inhibit Haitians.

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