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  1. When he said if he didn't rap about ignorant shit he wouldn't be where he's at, kinda surprised me. Just feels weird after hearing a dude who makes records about the violence and lifestyle the media tries so hard to promote admit that… Let's people know rappers like him are aware of what they're doing, they just wanna make money for themselves and loved ones. And they're labeled the "sellouts" because of that.

  2. "Ego's, testosterone. These rappers act like divas." 19:41 Thank you Savage for being the Pimp C of the young generation and exposing what really goes on. Much respect 21.✊? -@byrondevon

  3. I view 21 savage different now he just ain't one of the dumb don't know nothing street nighas this nigha Is really street education like this nigha A1

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