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  1. so I now smoke some hard weed going to pump some gas and some niggas pull up in a car playing his music. one word GARBAGE even if this nigga did half of what he rap about you ain't know that the FBI has a unit to investigate rap music and let's just say fuck the feds you ain't know Bobby smurder got locked up for that shit get the fuck outta here with that shit

  2. this kids still have Plantation mentality, a black man do not understand, anywhere they go they fuck shit up,I love black people, I hate niggas

  3. this nigga cappin. who the fuck gets a loan for two apartments across the street from each other. rich white people don't even do that. niggas stay lyin to look good. foh

  4. this nigga sayin he got a condo like he sayin somethin. a condo ain't nothin but a apartment with a mortgage on it. weirdo rappers'll have you fooled though

  5. u a pussy nigga & u know it & u a short nigga "bankroll fresh" hot boy …don't go in the street with head every one from zones patiently waiting for pussys even tranys means 21 plug can't go to atl and Bragg bout fresh y'all thinks ts a Bragg but keep ur ass away like y'all have y'all got prices on ur heads

  6. Vlad this two is pussy they plotted on fresh cuz they copied his swagger 21 knows fresh he a fake slob walking around police protection its cuz fresh voice 21 using an listen to fresh he clown both of this bitches now fresh dead 21 using fresh style to get money ,fresh said rap nigga wanna b trap nigga,nigga clone about fresh,he knew fresh very well grew up together,now they walking a thin line …..

  7. all y'all niggas sayin 21 & no plug needa watch dey back but niggas don't know PDE got the whole city on its toes, I'm talmbout city on lock. Them boys ain't gon be touched , facts…

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