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  1. when you rap genius this song the realness of those times is exposed people don't think puffy had anything to do with tupac getting killed think again they was playing toe tag death row got one of puffs bodyguards they got pac wow then find out that puff had ties to that retired cop? boy o boy

  2. Holy Shit! He does say "we out here in Cuba" at the beginning of the track. You are right Jose Martinez… idk of it means what your getting at, but I have never. noticed that since the first time I heard this song…wow.

  3. only thing I can say is soon as these talking heads these idiots who don't know crap about rap,when you say Jay Z was the best I like Jay. Nas was the best I like nas. Biggi was the best ever I like some of Biggi stuff listen to this track

  4. I love you man. You had integrity man. What most of these people lack nowadays. You feel me. Real talk. Shit sad you died man. That's what happens to real people of this world that can't be converted to the evil and wicked way's of this world. True human being's should never corrupt they soul's for the love of money. Fuck money if that's the case. I was born broke anyway. I missing out on shit. Fuck money. If it takes one to be evil and immoral for it. I don't need real talk.