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  1. Biggie warned Pac not to hang with Haitian Jack but Pac didn't listen. Pac even told Jack what Biggie said. So when Pac got shot Biggie wasn't going to put his foot into it and Pac got mad at Big.When Pac blamed Big and Puff for the shooting which was a bitch move because everyone in NY knew where the robbery came from.

  2. Pac should've just ask Biggie straight up about Haitian jake and jimmy hitchman… but Biggie did warn pac about the cats he was hanging with, Biggie tried to get pac to understand that these were real thugs, Biggie said in an interview that he tried to school pac on the game and that he thought pac ain't listen because Haitian jake and pac both had money and it made him feel like pac wasn't taking him seriously because his lack of money. Also he said he couldn't force pac to stop hanging with the niggas..

    Also I believe biggie when he said he had nothing to do with the set up and that he ain't know about it beforehand just the simple fact that biggie is always tight with his friends. He even brought all his friends into bad boy with him. If there's one thing Biggie was he loved his friends and once you became his homeboy you were always his homeboy.

  3. Biggie told Pac not to be Fucking with certain dudes and that shit fell on deaf ears. If somebody I'm fucking with tell me not to fuck with a certain somebody then I ain't fucking with him. Especially if I'm not from there. Now Pac was originally from Harlem(M.C. New York) but he had been away for so long it was almost like he was an out of towner.

  4. Wtf are you asking if Haitian jack is real? I mean who is this radio station for? You gone be asking that question, is like, is the rumors about p diddy aka puff daddy him being gay really true? Come on! Get the fuck out of here. PAC telling stories but they his stories, his life. real all that, it's all his no matter what people say but a lot of his music is story-telling but still life problems till this day still. A mind to wake up some people to real problems to spark brains An people taking as jokes an greed off his success where like he said. a player hater an PAC was the Player, but played no games.

    from a color man

  5. The woman said Pac is good at telling stories. Is it that why many of his stories are true? pac was really telling People what was happening and many People who knew Pac said Pac really did that and it really happend in his life of what he rapped about. Father of kadafi from the outlawz even said that Tupac was the truth. Reason why Pac is loved on earth is because he was the REALIST meaning he was real about it what he rapped and talked about in his interviews.

  6. SB I can say w/88% knowledge because I was not there. But the anger he had 4/ snoop in 95/96 @ MTV awards they were giving the interview they were dressed up snoop had the perm they both w/mad I thought it w/ b cause they were on the east coast but I know no it's w/b cause snoop had an interview on hot 97 in NYC the day b4 the MTV awards w/Angie Martinze a Dj/host were she asked him if he got love 4/east coast rappers & on New York radio snoop said he got love 4 big & puff & them are his Homeboys that's wen I believe the permanent rift bwtn PAC & snoop b came public 2 those in the loop
    So Sb I gotta remind u I'm arm chair quarterbacking this ok
    So stay w/me so I thought snoop & PAC w/on defense cause there were in NYC but they were beefing w/each other u can pull up the interview they got the suits on lookin sharp 15/20 min interview Snoop says nothing the whole interview move ff 2017 we get info that john singleton w/2 put in these rape scenes in the move …
    u Ready SB 1 why would john
    Singleton risk his career /2 put a story in a bio pic unless he had receipts I'm talking Real deal receipts so then I start going my own homework & I remember @ the time I heard whispers that they tried 2 get @ him but I was not connected as I am now w/intel so I let it go by the way that w/a personal friend we meet organically out side of music
    Ok so as I start looking in2 stuff I Here a snoop interview we're he states wat happened 2 him after that interview @ hit 97 radio show my boi said they put that in the movie wen he was flying bac 2 cali & he thought they w/gonna kill him
    Snoop said in a Valid interview he flew w/a knife & folk under his blanket all the way 2 la
    Know I ask u SB why would PAC b so Mad @ snoop 4/siding w/the enemy snoop w/stating his personal feeling but PAC w/mad as fuc so why so mad @ all the east coast rappers now if u remember in the beginning wen PAC got shot in the studio they were there jus 2 show him who runs things jus rob him but he had that 357 hair nose trigger & yes he shot him self in the thigh reaching 4/his weapon FYI
    Flex is not lying why cause PAC told me out his own mouth I still have his old cell # wen he had Rosenberg as his Manager & he had a maxima in Oakland @ that time
    Ok so PAC use the incident 2 make it a Pr stunt in other words make it bigger in the press & it worked 2 well but his whole outlook changed wen he got out of prison now he (PAC) had a rite 2 b upset @ who ever he felt did him wrong but wen I look bac @ it his venom w/@ snoop 4/1 lousy interview i&a its no wat snoop would have known that those few words( them my Homeboyz ) I got love 4 them would have had such a disconnect w/PAC so that had me looking @ why would he b mad ๐Ÿ˜ก unless he w/siding w/the guys pack beloved did him wrong in jail he knew who robbed him he knew who set him up but PAC & who ever did wat ever happen 2 him in jail knew 4/sure wat happen & this is why snoop feel out w/PAC I'm sure there w/other stuff but this rite here..! All bets are off the table look @ the u tube clips type PAC & snoop MTV 95/96 interview u can see the hate in the energy but we did it know wat we know now so he's up set @ snoop I get it but @ that level
    So I believe something must have happened 2 My Guy & I don't wish that on no1 u here me PAC w/my boi u here me it hurts me 2 my heart & I hope I'm wrong but I got 5diff sources that don't know each other but me & they have backed up my story & the reason they say the Correction officer made that up is b cause he w/in PC & they still got 2 him Medical records don't lie & I believe this is why john singleton w/privy 2 the info b cause wen u do a ๐ŸŽฅ on any level u have 2 get a medical especially if ur kissing or doing certain scenes u feel me know that I think about it makes me wonder if the time matches Jason lyric a ๐ŸŽฅ he did were they wanted him 2 b tested I'm reaching but it jus jumped in my head John w/the director then but any way that's my long response SB as 4/the ok kid W/FOH it's not ur fault ur prob frm another Country u not in the culture I'm the culture on hip hop it w/my era & I knew them all sad 2 say this put PAC w/plotted on oh & it jus came out Suge Never Used his $. Jimmy used 2Pac $ 2 Bail him out of Jail remember PAC w/Double Platinum wen he w/locked up
    Factz do ur homework people timelines really Lie people do # don't โœ…โœ…โœ…โœ…โœ…

  7. haitian jack be on this youtube shit commenting on videos and cussing niggaz out late night he definitely watching this video , i encountered him on here twice he be asking niggaz for they home address

  8. This is the 3rd person who basically said THEY WARNED PAC and told him about HJ ….but he didnt listen YET HE GOES AFTER BIGGIE AND GOT MAD AT HIM SAYING BIG DIDNT GIVE HIM MORE INFO. more proof that so called beef was just for selling records.
    YOU have multiple people telling u he's no good. WHAT ELSE NEED TO BE SAID

  9. Factz biggie told him mad pep told him stretch told him yes later I heard HJack w/a CC w/NYPD & The Feds u can do a FOIA it on paper u can goggle
    It Or reQuest it it FOIA =FReedom Of IMFATion ACt the will send u the ๐Ÿ“ & jimmy Henchmen & believe it or not they had him Sodomized in jail u may not like 2 hear it but it tru hopital records don't lie the wronged the boi no I don't know how sent the gay goons @ him while locked up but I hear they told him who sent them SMDH pry 4 PAC but it's now I can understand why he was so mad as fuc but my Q&A is who sent them goons there's a lot of suspects but the table is full wat I do know big did not have the clout or bag๐Ÿ’ฐor contacts 2 pull that off so we got 2 look @ every1 puff had the bag๐Ÿ’ฐbut not the ๐Ÿ€s but his associates jimmy H/H jack let's not 4/get Suge cause he could have dropped a bag 2 Have PAC signed 2 death Row & let's face it after all these yrs Suge had us believe if he bailed PAC out on the Defiant on show jimmy Iveine say he gave Suge the $ 2 bail out PAC & he kept his mouth shut all these yrs until now why ???????? Is it b cause the wrights got arrested in La & 300 ๐Ÿ‘ฎs inLA about 2 go dwn or is that Reggie jr & Sr are about 2 tell it all 2 beat that death ๐Ÿ’€ penalty in Tenn ???? But I say this 2 say here's something that most of u don't know Reggie Sr&jr are actually Easy E Real family ?????? So how the playing 4/death row did easy really have HIV or did they do wat side said on that old interview w/a talk show were he said there got something new out her were u get some1 w/aides stick them & then stick the person u want 2 hurt or kill he named it easy e could he b telling the truth did easy e own in laws play a part b cause known of his kids or wife have it 2 my knowledge I'm saying jus Real ๐Ÿฅ˜ 4 thought & by the way Easzy & PAC were friends of Mine & in not frm the west coast this shit is so deep pull up Reggie Wright sr & Jr they were arrested in Tenn about 4/Aks ago an on ๐Ÿƒ drug factory frm the LA PD ๐Ÿ”property so do ur home wrk like I did mine & as 4/H jack ain't he in Dr ๐Ÿƒ some club w/4 puff & Akon 2 send that $ wire oh DR=Dominican Republic

  10. Ny niggas is the toughest, scariest niggas in the US. Yall know yall should have had Pac back and helped him out these cats. Letting snitches run yall city, shame on yall niggas. Got a dude (Pac) NOT perfect, young, HARD HEADED, but loving. Then you got guys like Jack living off other niggas hustle, not supporting the people, fuckin under aged girls, and you gotta choice and say fuck Pac but support Jack? Besides being scary as fuck, whats yall motivation? lbvs

  11. where was u in 94 after her got shot . y didn't ride on jack ..then 2017 y didn't u say anything 2 wack 100 ..& flex ..
    yall is wack all yall niggaz say yall love PAC doing nothing 2 hold him down .