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  1. I wish the Interviewer asked Pac what would he do if he knew who snatched his friend chain because with all this wisdom that Pac had he pretty much was killed because he sucker punched Orlando Anderson and the streets showed Pac how real things are.

  2. When u listen to him talk u see y he's dead given this man more time and uniting the hip hop industry into one nation and taking that money and putting it into the ghetto the man was on a mission to better his people which scared someone just like Malcolm x scared j Edgar hoover u see y he was killed

  3. That hotel anecdote✊✊✊💯💯. We are hungry please let us in….. I'm picking the lock coming through the door blastin. That was a Hell of an analogy

  4. tupac so right more and more stars coming from the ghetto in moving 👈👈👈👈👈way not giving AF about our communities….. get a lil money than move to the suburbs don't give afuk about where they come from

  5. Truly legendary! That analogy of knocking on the door is brilliant! I went to see his biopic on its release day. The theatre was sold out and most of those in attendance were white folks. That's when I really understood why he was killed. Someone sounding like this with that kind of multicultural appeal could not exist in a white supramicist world. We lost a treasure. Fortunately he wasn't shy about speaking in front of the camera so at least we have this.