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  1. Nas got ether
    but my nigga Tupac had Hit em up, one of the best diss tracks ever recorded, so Tupac was a better rap artist and poetic rap artist at it
    Nas and Notorious is more lyrical content but Tupac had the voice, the poetry, the talent, the acting skills so he's better

  2. This is the best diss track of all time real talk, he goes hard harder than hit em up ,he exsposes a snitch and the man of his first shooting by there names plus brings dre out ghe clost and the rest man . He goes hard n deep on this one.Honest people think about ghis one serious what he says ,what a diss by far nu 1 all time

  3. Funny thing is (excluding puffy) all the niggaz he dissin would've murdered him lyrically.rate pac as a man and a revolutionary but never really liked his flow or music.

  4. OMG..

    Rakim is sampled in this song towards Nas. Such a crucial diss verse.

    Rakim most sampled rap artist of all time
    "Verse wise" tho

    Listen and you will hear pac say

    You heard my melody and in the back he will say you heard rakim.

    My melody is a song by Rakim that changed rap forever when it came out in 1986

    That's song along is sampled by so many artist in the 80s and 90s

  5. All those artist he beefin with are from the illuminati . And he was the Only one against that shit he tried to kill it .Thats why killuminati. Since pac die tha whole rap industry changed.

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