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  1. My grandma is another one of thise hidden geniuses in the kitchen that Gordon would love, Italian but can straight fucken cook anything and is old school when it comes to measuring every ingredient, a little of this, some of that. Best food you’ve ever eaten even if you gave her items from a dumpster, she’d fill your belly and satisfy your taste buds.

  2. Im honestly happy when anyone cleans a plate when I cook, if Gordon Ramsay (or any prestigious chef, really) came back to me with a clean plate that would be fucking amazing. doesn't sound crazy at all mama

  3. It's kinda amazing how some chefs, like the Bread Pudding and the Burger one, some people are just so mad when someone gets something right, and then others, like with Ma Mary in Blackberry's and Sharyn with the carrot cake, it's so refreshing to see people HAPPY that what the dessert chefs do is a great job.

  4. So lemme get this straight a chef will take no responsibility most of the time for the fucked up dishes but will be real quick to take all credit for a good dish. How ironic