AEIF Haiti Winner Speech DoudlyElius_HSong


On Friday, September 5th, 2014, the US Ambassador Pamela White’s office organized a reception with the Haitian Professionals who participated in a program from the US States Department to introduce the AEIF (Alumni Engagement Innovative Fund) 2014 winner for Haiti. At this occasion Doudly Elius was officially invited to take part at this reception in Bourdon Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Fellow Elius delivered an inspirational impromptu speech in the presence of more than 200 International professionals Alumni and during his speech he stated how much he had learned from the Legislative Fellowship Programs : Because he obtained from birth to now his mother’s support to reaching his present status which has resulted that he is empowering Haitian women. “My mother is a woman and I love women so why not empowering Haitian women?” a few words from his speech at the occasion.



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