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The best haitian gospel music video of all time. It’s also the best haitian gospel music lyric. Lochard Remy est l’un des leaders de la musique chretienne haitienne. Haitian gospel creole. Musique evangelique haitienne. Ecouter la musique chretienne en creole. Video levanjil kreyol. Akolad se yon bel mizik ke anpil kretyen renmen tande pou beni nanm yo. Mizik kreyol levanjil ayisyen.



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  1. Anyone remember the name of this video ..? I had it when I was younger and there were other people performing and I remember these two guys went on stage then jumped off .. Lol .. If you know it please tell me

  2. @party489 I'm with you I too think that talkin snakes is nuts unless it is a funny movie. You are not alone brotha. The only reason people believe in god is because of peer presure I was forced against my will and so was my Father to believe in this I will never if I have kids do that to them. What was the point of makin the ten commandments if all you have to do if you brake them is pray and say that you are sorry.
    Thank you for not afraid of speakin the truth.

  3. this is a rumor that Girl lives by my house in haiti. we were neighbor well we still are they have done so many bad thing in the neigorhood they had to live. they had almost stole my father house they are a bunch of gold digger. do not listen to rumors.

  4. Wow. we shouldnt judge this man because none of us are perfect we have alll made mistakes in our lifes weather we want to admit it or not. just pray that god forgives him and gives l remy the strenght he needs to continue to minister to people

  5. this song is on my MP3. I listen to it all the time, on the bus, in the car… Dieu est puissant. Remy Lochard est un classique dans le répertoire évangélique Haitien.

  6. C'est juste mon frère, je n'ai pas peur. ce que Dieu veut me faire Satan ne peut pas arrêter de me réaliser, je voudrais bien que tous les Haïtiens à écouter attentivement sa chanson Haïti 2004, il a un beau message derrière elle qui nous montre que nous avons besoin de prier pour Haïti

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