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  1. Too my family out their you know I could spell Zin and the computer get confused I apologize for the bottom spelling of zin and its not okay when a lot of people speak and write different languages the computer want to write what you want differently it's not okay I'm not a fan of that sincerely apologetic Maggy.

  2. This was one of my favorite  song from the artist Alain Cave I love all of his music and when he was with the zinc group Alain Cave you still roc one of your super fans Maggy Roger.

  3. Miguel, I'm so sorry you didn't get the love you needed growing up. But your an adult now maybe some higher education will aid in this anger. Be blessed son.

  4. SIGH Best part about haitian music is the fact that every pitch of instrument you hear is being done by talented musicians not just a producer in a studio. Real Bands. Real Arts!

  5. Miguel Santiage Go Fuck yourself and eat Castro Shit, you're an ignorant bitch. If you don't like the music take your ass else where. I hate fuck niggas who talk about Haiti, you better be scared because I surely will beat your ads with my Haitian Voodou Stick, while listening to Kompa.

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