America’s Got Talent S09E05 One Voice Children’s Choir sing “Burn” by Ellie Goulding


TonyPatrony The One Voice Children’s Choir takes the stage next. Despite their name, the Utah-based choir group is actually one hundred voices strong, and their talent becomes clear when…



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  2. I don’t understand why they would even think of not letting them through. I thought the whole point of that show was to showcase talented people in America? This shows exactly that. All those kids coming together, and may I point out that there was so conductor. They fully deserved to make it through

  3. This isn't even a choir…a choir is where everyone in the group sings at the same time,not a lead singer and then the others backing up the lead singer.

  4. Doesn’t matter what age you are. You have to go up on stage with a million dollar act. They were off key at some parts and the soloist couldn’t hold a note without breathing harshly and over doing the vibration in their voices. They should of picked a song were they could all sing in harmony, and only a few solos. You cant give slack because their children, going on AGT is a serious thing were you must be perfect, only 2 mistakes or less should be made. Only got past because the judges had to go on their hand and knees.

  5. Look, I think they are good, but really I could see my choir teacher come in and correct so many things that they did. In this performance it was just one or two singers with backup singers. It was good but I have seen much better.

  6. Seemed like all they cared about when putting this choir together was how cute the children are. Not about talent. They all look like Child Models!!

  7. Sorry Charlie! They are just mediocre..not very talented whatsoever. Even the soloists aren't very good. This isn't a real choir or they'd be singing parts not just back-up for some so so soloists! The music they had overpowered the 100 singers. Idk what that says for them but maybe in another decade they will get it right? Maybe not.

  8. It’s not their fault, there are pre auditions and usually those random producer judges don’t let average kids Through because they are kids but they shouldn’t have been let through let were just a choir, still good! But not amazingly special