An Hour of Old Christian & Seventh Day Adventist Songs, Music & Hymns- Lyrics inc.

43 An Hour of Old Seventh day Adventist Hymns video. Songs include Lift Up The Trumpet, Tis love that makes us happy, I Am Bound for Canaan Land etc. “He said I want to us to go back and find the old hymns.
The hymns the beginning of the Advent Movement and even further back than that, the ones that those in the Advent Movement were
singing as their old hymns and bring them back and teach them to our young people and people that have never heard these songs before.”



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  1. Wau I'm so happy with those old hymns back thanks to you that had that brilliant idea é thanks to participants. Praise the Lord Hallelujah our songs isn't revived.

  2. Thank you Danny, I have found it so hard to find reverence, sacredness, and purity in music any more, except when I am able to enjoy 3abn. Praise God! And thanks to all of you marvelous musicians!

  3. A big alleluia to God bravo all of you for those beautiful songs
    you have and other seventh adventist who sing like an angel ……..his name, Derrol Sawyer cliq on his name or: biblestream cliq on motivation of the day, cliq music you have many but the private concert wow . when finish the concert cliq still with thee . excuse my faults I am french love in the only one,JESUS altesse Mimi, Quebec canada

  4. I watch them every sabbath evenings as apart of my worship. You all have it Our God has blessed you all with a talented. You were in London last week. I enjoyed every moment I spent and listen to you all.. We welcome you back again.

  5. i praise the Lord God for he is there, here because i csn call him immediately i can talk to him freely. glory his name alleluiah

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