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  1. In actual FACT, the pyramids were built LONG BEFORE MOSES. This is a serious error in this otherwise wonderful piece. The date of the Exodus is correlated to Ramses II in the New Kingdom and the Pyramids were built over a thousand years BEFORE. So, John, I love you to pieces but can you fix that? Yours sincerely.

  2. Apparently the creators of DBZ had some inspiration from Ancient Egypt. Namely fusions coming from gods fusing together to become a more powerful god, and Lord Beerus, who's attire is rather Egyptian looking, that and he basically looks like an Egyptian cat.

  3. John: You may recognize the eye of Horus is right behind me, staring at me and judging me… I can feel – I CAN FEEL YOUR JUDGMENT!
    Eye of Horus: Hehehe I am judging you! >:D

  4. No, the slaves did not build the pyramids. That is proven over and over again. And with a little bit og logic, it is obious that the extremely intelligent minds that where behind the construction of the pyramids, did not put 200 million perfectly cut rocks that weighted 2 tons each that Perfectly fit together. And points at north east west and south. For a religious purposes. That does not make any sence at all to believe that. They are the size of a mountain man. They are huge
    And if you do some research as what is under the pyramids. That theory does not hold up.
    The reason for why they build them. Is still unknown.
    And how they did it.
    Is still unknown
    That is facts

  5. A Waste of Time with so much misinformation, it hurts. No wonder kids don't know the real stuff. This guy is a clown. He is trying to be cool but misinformation abounds.

  6. Egypt goes back 30,000+ years, they were wiped out by a couple global cataclysms and had to start again. Highly recommend the work of John Anthony West to anyone interested in ancient Egypt.

  7. why your cartoons of egyptians look like white people? they were Nubian! black skinned! get your imagery right and stop trying to visually instilling your self in our great history!

  8. Great work you guys….my daughter has learned so many things from crash course and we wish you guys all the best…if you are not the mongols!!!

  9. You're saying ancient Egypt lasted 3,000 years but if the old kingdom started at 2649 BCE and the new kingdom ended at 1070 BCE, that's a little more then 1,500 years. Am I missing somthing?