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  1. I grew up listening to this song.  I wonder where those days went? the days when we would wake up in the morning, have coffee and bread with peanut butter, eat mangos, go swimming, sing les chansonettes, and watch our parents sing "Merci" de Ansy Derose.  C'ETAIENT DE BEAUX JOURS!!!I just can't stop listening to this song.  It brings back so many great memories.  Ansy Derose was a legend, the best artist Haiti has ever known. The lyrics and his voice make this song my favorite. When my friends catch me listening to this song, they always make me translate it for them…they appreciate it and get to know who Ansy was. Haiti has so many talents and congrats to all these amazing artists SANS OUBLIER YOLE.

  2. chak fwa m we regar Ansy bay madanm li nan fen mizik la , sa banm frison…you can tell he was a true romantic…….Amazing

  3. wow, simply amazing… Ansy et Yole te vreman yon koup model ki make lavi anpil ayisyen. ni mesye ni madanm nan bel anpil epi yo gen talan…..wow c'est sublime.

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