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  1. For those who is wondering what is the lady saying at 1:55
    She was one of the contestants on that day and sang “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston in pretty decent way actually, but not that perfect (u can check that out as well)
    On that moment she just wondered “Is he actually singing?” Like damn I have big opponent here or some shit hahah. But later on they both sang “Something stupid” by Robbie and Nicole as duets on Christmas Special of this Tv channel which was really impressive. https://youtu.be/hC5mxWTAZdY

  2. Im here with some good new news: He has been quiet for a while but Apparently he had contract with the tv channel. Few weeks ago he been invited to a talk show and explained why he was quiet last year cuz of the contract. Now his contract has been finished so apparently he is planning to go USA next year for an uni degree at the same time he s planning to try his talent out on The Voice of US or something. He is preparing for that so we will hear a lot more from this dude which is skitz fellas!

  3. yea mostly country cowboys are racist, im Asian and lives in texas. I been to rodeos,  and went to a country club  once, just once lolz. About 1% other race was there and all white folks , that 1% was me hahhahahah.