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  1. amazing record, just cried. go head Alicia n baby champagne those were real stories of your childhoods very much appreciated. They don't make hits like this no more because they don't want us BLACKS TO KNOW THESE THINGS. but honestly Alicia Keys I wanted to know, how does it feel to be raised by a white woman?

  2. Alicia Keys one night heard her mother crying about the bills. she tossed and turned all night but came to a hard decision. The next morning she told her mom "Mamma, if it will help with the bills, I'll quit the piano" (on top of all the other bills her mom paid for her lessons. Her mother cupped her face in her hands and told her, "you can quit whatever you want, but you're not quitting the piano."
    #steadfastlove #thisismyghettostory

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