Behind the Beats: Haiti


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See what went into the making of our recent Beat Making Lab in La Gonâve, Haiti. Shot on iPhone, and made possible by Apple.

Lots more from the Lab coming soon!

Filmed in Matènwa, La Gonave at the Matènwa Community Learning Center, a pioneer school leading child-centered and native-language learning in Haiti.

Special thanks to Blackspace in Durham, North Carolina.
Special thanks to Artists Institute in Jacmel, Haiti.

Special thanks to the Beat Making Lab students in Matènwa: Cherley Engerville, Shoodlie Cajuste, Kanejy Magloire, Edison Simon, Ricca Belle-Fleur, Lubson Alneus, Rosalineda Edmond, Bidjori Sauveur, Fabiola Clixte, and Mackanaky Magloire

BML Haiti Feature Artist: Strong G

Director: John Agnew
DoP: Stash Slionski
AC/DIT: Mikel Cooke

Producer: Zachary Lee
Production Assistant: Juliette Low Fleury

Music Instruction:
Pierce Freelon, Alan Thompson, A.yoni J

Music Production:
Michael Brun, Walshy Fire, Apple Juice Kid

Video Support: Saleem Reshamwala

About Beat Making Lab:
Beat Making Lab runs multi-day educational music experiences which connect creators of all skill levels to collaborate and create amazing original music. In partnering with local communities, donating ‘studios in backpacks’, and lowering the barriers to entry in the creative industries, Beat Making Lab aspires to empower beat makers around the world to create music and earn income from their efforts, no matter where they live.

BML has produced and documented music experiences in seven countries, and was awarded an Emmy for its PBS web series. Please check out our previous Beat Making Lab episodes from Congo, Panama, Senegal to Fiji and SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel:

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