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  1. Will somebody tell Bruno Mars nut huggers he got the beat from BBD and other New Jack Swing artist? I love Bruno, but please don't look stupid, especially the dumb ass who told me BBD got the beat from Bruno Mars. hahahahahahaha

  2. I grew up in this era and this song changed the game. I was into R&B and Hip hop at the time but when I heard this the 1st time it blew my mind. This song was ground breaking in sound and the mix of genres. Their fashion sense was a major move at the time as from all that smooth silky stuff that was going on with R&B to street styles. Also as they were the so called "background members" of NE it was even more out of left field! And when the break comes in at 4:31 oh my days…."clockin the Hoes" Perfection!

  3. i remember playing gta san andreas, get a car, switch to radio csr 1039, a run around the city just to bump on this song🔥🔥💯💯😭😭