Best Of Sweet Micky – Michel Martelly (Official Full Album)


TapTap Culture!™ Presents: Kompa Official full album by Sweet Micky performing “Best Of Sweet Micky – Michel Martelly Compilation album” © 1997 Déclic. Check out the track list below:

1. Ou lala
2. Prezidan micky
3. Denye okazyon
4. Ke’m sere
5. Aloufa
6. Sisisi
7. Kayiman men mouch
8. Tout ce mately
9. Map tan’n ou (Unavailable)
10. I don’t care
11. Men duri

“Martelly has been heralded as a pioneer of a unique brand of compas music, a style of Haitian dance music sung predominantly in the Haitian Creole language. Originally, Compas, or Kompa, was the creation of Nemours Jean-Baptiste. Martelly, a keyboardist and the self-proclaimed “President of Compas,” popularized a nouvelle génération, or “new generation” style, of smaller bands with few members that relied predominantly on synthesizers and electronic instruments to reproduce a fuller sound. Martelly’s live performances and recordings are sometimes laced with physical humor and humorous sociopolitical commentaries and satires. Although he is the most recognized musician and public personality in Haiti, Martelly’s performance style has sometimes ignited controversy throughout Haitian communities.

By 1988, Martelly’s musical talent, charismatic persona, and his pattering style of compas had gained tremendous popularity at El Rancho Hotel and Casino and The Florville, another local venue. That year, he recorded his first single, Ooo La La, which became an instant hit, followed by “Konpas Foret des Pins” which was released in 1989, also a number hit from his debut album “Woule Woule”. During the period of about 1988-2008 Martelly, using his stage name Sweet Micky, recorded fourteen studio albums and a number of live CDs. His music features compas music, slow meringue, troubadour, meringue carnival, raboday, etc.

In 1997, Martelly’s crossover appeal to other musical genres was evident when hipop and compas music star, Wyclef Jean of The Fugees featured him on the title track for Jean’s solo effort Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival featuring the Refugee Allstars. As Jean proclaims on ‘The Carnival,’ “Surprise – it’s Sweet Micky, y’all!” Also in 1997, Martelly released an album containing one of his most celebrated hits, Pa Manyen (“Don’t Touch”). The song is an adaptation of “Angola”, composed by the renowned artist/composer/record producer Ramiro Mendes (of the Mendes Brothers), first recorded by Cesária Évora, the legendary Cape Verdean singer. Pa Manyen went on to be featured in various compilation albums, including the popular Putumayo Presents: French Caribbean in 2003. The song was also covered by Venezuelan singer, Soledad Bravo as “Canta, Canta Corazon” and by Jose Luiz Cortes of Cuba.” – Wikipedia

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  1. This music has a very special place in my heart. My father. He moved to Haiti when I was very young and introduced me to this wonderful music when he visited me in the states. Every note, every laugh, every dance step reminds me of him and I can feel him with me when I hear it. Thank you

  2. A Haitian freind of mine made the mistake of borrowing me two CD s to listen to . I put it in my car on my way home . Let's just say I was hooked , to make it worse I went to a party and after a night of slow dancing with a few belle Madames I was infected by the music .

    I tried playing this beautiful music in my car or at a party but people don't like anything different.

    Beautiful music

  3. Perhaps a topless beach in Miami in a thong bikini??? Or Brazil? I'm all in and unafraid! Here in TX though, people would judge and freak out!
    F*** um though, I hate tan lines.
    Its your own fault America. No shame and condemnation. Don't like it then quit looking.

  4. Amazing music, I was happy when hearing his music playing on #SAfm by @RichardNwamba. Friends, you can listen to African and Diaspora music every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm (+2 South African time). The music, it's styles, culture and history of country where the music is from, i can say it is an amazing show people. You can join the facebook page (The African Connection with Richard Nwamba) . See you there @mbathalindo on twitter.

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