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  1. @Bikendi100 thanks man! and yes i have more beats.
    yes, you right it does sounds like zouk. i tried to add a little zouk flavor to it, that's why. i love mixing things. im working on a soca-zouk-reggaeton beat right now, and so far it sounds good.
    if you wanna know the difference, there is it:
    search for "Mika Benjamin- ou pati (twoubadou)" vs "Kim-ecoute moi (zouk)" 

  2. bro, i think dis song is the definition for Paradise. Great stuff. are yuh makin more beats????

    by the way, whats the difference between Ttwoubadou and zouk, because dis song sounds like zouk…yuh know, im not from the caribbean so sometimes its hard for me to see the difference between one stuff and another one.


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