BIC – YON TI KALKIL (Twop…) [2010 Best Haitian Music Video]


(The following biography/text was written by Mingolove)
BIC is a Haitian artist with a rich variety of musical styles. His birth name is Roosvelt Saillant. His stage name, BIC, stand for Brain, Intelligence, Creativity.
BIC emerged in the Haitian music scene in 2000 when he featured, as a new member, on the second album of with the Haitian R&B/Rap group, FLEX. His verses on the song POU KI speak volume and helps the newcomer gain props and popularity. A few years after he his breakthrough with FLEX, the talented artist would embark in a solo career. In 2005, he released his first solo album, WOW. A couple of songs off BIC’s first solo CD quickly made their way to the airwaves. The result is imminent. The public felt in love with BIC music and DJ had no choice, but to please their audience by blasting songs such as “Wow”, “Viva La Vida”, “Potoprens”, “Bel Chev”, etc….

In 2008, BIC dropped his second album “Plus Loin” which includes the buzz song “Fiorenzi” and the megahit “Dialog Moun Fou (Lè Mwen wèw) featuring the the young female singer Queen B.

In 2010, BIC follows through with a new CD, which title sas it all “Kreyol chante kreyol konprann”.

BIC is one of the most multi talented Haitian artists of the last 2 decades. And, as he sings on the track “Prechi-Precha” off his first solo CD, (“mete micro nan bô fèy mwen, lè sa tout moun a wè longè sèvèl mwen”), he surely made sure that people discovered, in addition to his talent as a singer, rapper and guitarist, his skills as a songwriters and poet. I must mention that he is not your typical Creole songwriter. BIC lyrics are deep, thoughtful, inspirational, and exceptional. Listening to his words makes anyone with a taste for arts, fall in love with Creole poerty.

The song “Yon ti Kalkil”, which video you are watching (or you just watched) is a featured single off the album.

Text by Miguel MINGOLOVE Romain



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  1. waw artist haitian yo vrmt inspire… monsieur nou top…
    mem si moyen eco faible but sa ki nan tete nous couter che.. great job bro …

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