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  1. all I know his murder will never be solve to many factor is loss many ppl had die . its just like Malcolm x mlk jfk to many pass .
    ppl going 2 make movie DVD new stories 4 $ . every body PAC knew is dead .

  2. frank was with PAC almost every day he knows at less 85% what was going on in his life . now so thing he may not know . know is frank making $ off of him YES ….

  3. John Potash said it @ 57:58 the government/elite were training groups to go after conscious rappers as they do today, even use murder if neccessary. This is the same thing they did to the black panthers! This interview goes deep! Frank said if I end up dead you know who killed me. The power structure/elites m/o is suicides. Look at all the supposed suicides around the Clinton scandals. Frank didnt kill his self. He was murdered. Over time after Pacs death everyone in his whole circle began to get knocked off methologically. John Potash is getting way to close to how things work so be careful.

  4. Tupac probably didn't tell Frank personal information because he knew or thought Frank was a govt informant. The way Frank is discrediting Potash's very credible book is showing that Frank may have been an informant.

  5. John Potash's book is very accurate. Frank only knew Tupac for a year. That's not a long time. The time they were in concert was during a time when Tupac knew he was being targeted and surrounded by govt agents. Frank might have been an agent as well. What kind of "friend"/bodyguard would agree to NOT carry a gun? Someone was even given a cell phone without a battery that night! Even Michael Moore warned Tupac to not go to Vegas and he confessed to being a govt agent. Did Frank let Tupac know he was told to not carry a gun? For Frank to deny Potash book is either out of naivety, denial or he was an agent as well.

  6. Why would you have this Potash guy on when it sounds like he doesn't have a goddamn thing straight. What a waist of an hours worth of time. Crazy that the guy would have a platform to speak on hearsay that's not even accurate.

  7. Frank knew Tupac on a very personnal level. He didnt know him prior . Only after the everything Potash is mentioning. Frank is at an emotional level. If indeed Tupacs death was an assasination? Frank probably isn't seeing it ,because of the closeness to the victim. My question is, how Potash was able to get a hold of FBI documents? Why is he still alive after naming the FBI as the killers of FBI, Putting out information about people in high positions involved in drug dealings, money.
    Suge Knight ,that reggie dude were involved in Pacs assassination , Im thinking, Reggie was at a police level, his ass wass covered, his Father being the chief of ? Connections with FBI. Death Records was dirty, with dirty cops.Cops stick together. I think Reggie was after Death Row records, Suge agreed to Drive with Pac, who ever shot was someone who was a professional . They tried to kill Suge too, but was unsuccessful. So , they put his ass in prison for 10 years. He's not going to say shit, because they will kill him. Reggie got what he wanted, Reggie and Suge helped get rid of Tupac, Suge ended up getting fucked and he can't say shit!

  8. What is this dude talking about. Tupac was a political activist at the age of like 15-16 there are videos of him giving speeches and he did want to unite the gangs and less fortunate people. All Frank does in this video is say "I don't believe that" nigga u was with him for 1 year not his whole life

  9. Poor Frankie.. He's high as a kite during this interview. His opiate rage is so apparent. He's normally quiet and soft spoken when sober. Here he is just a loose cannon due to liquid courage.