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  1. Hey! So what if Pepsicola47 has and opinion Daunjan!!!! Just because he does, doesn't mean you have to say go kill yourself!!! And you know what, if you think he's bad, youre worse! So STFU!!!

  2. End it anyway. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin stopped making music a long time ago. So go a head… Oohhh YouTube it too.

  3. When I first heard this song, I thought it was Meek Mill on the hook. I could not stop laughing after I heard this song because I kept imagining how Meek Mill would look like saying this over and over "Aint nothin more important than the Moo-LAAA!" Its actually Big Sean saying it, but still funny. Lml

  4. I assume your bank account must be stacked with money?….Always has some "half-assed" assumption with out actual evidence or proof….Grow-up please..

  5. hahaha that's not how net worth works lol the 6 mil crib becomes both an asset and a liability respectfully based on what its worth and what he paid. I think people who don't know that are in more debt than people who listen to music they prefer?