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  1. pac didnt accuse them of the set up he accused them of playing ignorant when they knew what happened.pac said it when the wu got they chain snatched pac went to them to let them know about who did it .he felt with all the things he did for biggie and puffys careers they should of been there for him and they werent .all that other shit was suge and death row wanting him to get at puffy nd bad boy .he had to do it i think till the end he respected biggie and had love for him i just think he blew things up that didnt need to be blown up to generate sales which is understandable but still fucked up

  2. Biggie and puffy ain't shit. And about feeling comfortable around niggas because they had the same money as Pac, That's not what a real nigga brags about. Just because I got 1 million and the next hustle got $1,000 don't mean shit.
    The Hero that killed Biggie Smalls was probably one of the OG homeboys that fought in the Vietnam and dessert storm war and he wasn't rich, BUT HE WAS REAL.

  3. I got up to 1:06 stop the video said to myself " this dude doesn't know wtf he's talking about" finished the video and this dude DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HES TALKING ABOUT.

  4. "Gun shots to Tut now you stuck"… He called them out on Makavelli you gotta do your homework bro… Its sad that you dont get the whole picture.. Realest shit i ever wrote

  5. pac new deep down who shot him hence why he and strech made the track called good bless the dead… but never had it released coz the shooting pac new he could use it to his advantage, change his gimmick and sell more records. ..

  6. Tut and them niggaz got touched! Tupac went after Bad Boys because they was getting extorted by Jimmy henchmen so Tupac went after Jimmy 's cash cow

  7. now let me say it like this when ur the biggest producer on that coast at that time and something like that happens in your studio he knew he paid them to do so so pac stay away from big that's why they never talked after that pac wanted big that's the whole thing people don't know pac was the one who put big on not puff again not puff big look at the shit that happend with puffy all these years later he is the head of a lot of shit it the music business puff also knew that was going to happen to big that night and didn't tell anyone to take the eat off of them and take all the money frim the album ready to die come on are we all retarded or do u live in a bubble

  8. Your not really an expert, because if you did your research you would know that it wasn't a shooting set up to begin with. It was a beating and a robbery set up. And yes Puffy and Biggie knew about it. Biggie hesitated to warn 2Pac. You really need to find your sources because you are not credible, and Puffy and Biggie lying is not credible. So when do you get off the train, because there has been to light new evidence that says other wise.

  9. whoever is this dude that's talking you can tell he's a bitch made niggaz try to come up on Tupac for some views I hope you get what you deserve you coward

  10. Its a shame Deathrow and Badboy took their beef to the streets. Pac was killed by them crips who knew Puffy and Biggie. When Pac died Suge went nuts. He put the hit on Biggie from prison.

  11. Pac got stuck fucking around with street dudes from brooklyn. after his second album he was hanging in NY a lot, shooting movies like above the rim and bullet. he wanted to surround himself with official dudes, but this was back when hustlers used to extort rappers on the regular. pac was on the east coasts dick til they clapped his ass. (his first stage name was MC NY) listen to against all odds! he was rolling with jimmy henchmen, haitian jack, and king tut and got lined like a fresh fade…puff and big wasn't gonna tell him shit cause they were industry niggas, not in the street niggas!!! if they opened their mouths, then they would have beef too. most likely that shooting had to do with the rape case. Tut was a well known gangster from brooklyn during that era. 2pac the talented rapper and actor didn't want it with him. Suge came to the rescue with that bail money, but it had a catch. suge exploited the situation to sell records. 2pac thought he was safe on the west, rolling with death row & the pirus from LA, cause that shooting put the fear of god in him. being around all those bloods put a battery in pac's back, and he helped stomp out that crip in vegas to show that he was official. he got clapped on the vegas strip for making the same mistake twice of surrounding himself with the wrong dudes.

  12. Pac didn't know who shot him, it was when he was in jail some niggas told him that it was biggie's homeboys who shot him.