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  1. Wow. This is whitter than the Lawerence Welk show. We never knew this brand of white still existed! Blake's ass was just lookin at ol gurl like "bish wut?" Who don't know what a trap is by now?

  2. I HAVE NEVER WANTED TO SLAP SOME WHITE PEOPLE SO MUCH IN MY LIFE. No but really, how did Blake Griffin stop himself from knocking those two's heads together? UGH.

  3. yall need to chill with this a trap queen is someone who is with or fucking thedealer of dope or any drugs get with it bet nun even knowwhat a bando is….

  4. At first I thought he was talking about his trap queen was his woman and this wad an innocent don't until I heard it more. but he talking about money and as far as the kitchen is concerned he taking about making dope and still it for cheap

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