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  1. are you retarded? thats what i just said in my message dipshit… the language is Creole is spoken by haitians , which is in a french TONGUE… dipshit

  2. What alot of niggaz fail to understand is that street have no rules when your starving. If brisco was hungry and was'nt bless with money he probably done the same to another rapper. He should respect the game and keep it moving. Make this be a motivation to spit harder in the booth. A chain can be replace, if he continue to push the issue it might be his life. REAL NIGGA SHIT!

  3. Brisco is mad pussy, got jacked, and he on stage with fake ass RICK ROSS, RICK ROSS PUT THE C.O. IN BRISCO LoL Wanna Be 2pac, poor guy, Sak Pase. Come To Orlando The Same Shit Will Happen.

  4. my point was that anybody can get got and briscoe aint no exception cause he aint really bout that life. i never said shit bout the triangle cause i know its real over there. but just cause briscoe holla opa locka opa locka dont mean he cant get got. look where he got hit at, he way on the other side he dont got it like that in miami to where he can go anywhere and niggaz gone give him that pass.
    its real out here and everybody tryin to get it thats all i'm sayin

  5. that's how a real nigga would play it but he takin the rapper approach

    make a song talkin crazy and hope he can save face-that aint g-code

    handle that or let it go
    no need to draw attention to yourself either way

  6. who is briscoe????? ain't nobody untouchable you should know that cause i know briscoe do.

    it ain't like he could split anybody and he aint gon kill nothing. all he could do is pay for it

    i could see if he was kimbo n you siad "i bet you won't say nothing crazy to his face" but it's briscoe-if he solo he ain't no one to fear

    i don't know buddy to have beef but i know niggaz hungry and he was slippin and they got wit him