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  1. The way he sweating, wiping his face and drinking that water… he either got an alcohol or cocaine issue. If you know you know. If you dont, please dont ever find out.

  2. That was then, now on the scene is #gqcasanova and son sound like it might gon be some issues, mostly cause he (gq) says that #monkeymancasanova is living off his real life action. Gq says monkey aint that nicca he claim to be, wua now CAS? U GON LET THAT GQ NICCA GCHECK YOU? HE SAY YOU A FRAUD SON! EVEN BETTER #STACKSTONE SOUND LIKE HE GOT ONE WAITING FOR MONKEY TOO, SAID YOU WASNT CLAIMING OR BANGING IN THE HOOD, NYC DONT KNOW WHO YOU BE, I THINK HE WAN PUNCH YA TEET OUT!!!

  3. This FooL ReaLLy Lied Smh…Remind Me When Fresh Took Chuckie To See Estaban And He Went & Told The Whole Hood He Was Moving Weight for Him On Some Nut S^**