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  1. This nigga sound like Uncle Murda & Busta Rhymes is Buss was crazy street lol I fuck wit it! I wanna hear his range tho. Like can he actually make a decent song or just hype shit

  2. Do ya homework.realest nigga n bk Flatbush what he rapped he lived n did a 7yr bid jus came home..ran rikers island adolescent .when taxstone e money bags n asap Rocky was there..see Vlad . Casanova a real nigga.. peace blood..Jay Z don't jus eat brunch with anyone plus unk murda jus rap this nigga real n turned rapper

  3. the whole game is moist baby butt soft right now.
    idk if caz is the answer. idk how many of these he got in him. but this is EXACTLY what's missing right now.
    you can't work out to migos. u can't be tough to rae sremmurd.

    there's no music feeding people's sense of aggression. there's nobody going against the grain. Kendrick its the hardest nigga out and he's a conscious nigga. I wish i was a thug so I could do it but ii aint no street nigga i just like hooly music. it's up to a nigga like caz. bleek need to put this nigga on the gym til he look like cool j then let get him a riri feature and let him be the bad guy. he could be a super star. niggas warring blouses and shit now. this nigga ous a horror movie compared to them. this could be the new dmx.

  4. This may be the hot shit in the streets but the streets is fuckin stoopid. weak ass barely existent bars and a whole bunch of hype.
    Noone will remember this trash in 3 years.