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  1. so my friend told me this story y'all know…
    i used to live on a farm
    with my grandparents
    they weren't nice to me
    one day my grandad brought home this filthy assed horse
    he was so proud of it
    said it was out of his mates best broodmare
    my grandma loved that horse
    because it was dirty she called it dirty
    cos I was from the country I loved horses and riding them
    they hated me though and they keep coming out of the house to see if I was riding the stupid horse
    I was amusing myself in a field
    I found an old tyre
    I got it up and sat in it but the field was on a slope and it rolled off
    I couldn't stop
    they came out and saw…..
    they see me rollin
    they hatin
    tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    like cos I wore out my thumbs typing that?

  2. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!/they see me rolling they hating they hoping they going to catch me riding dirty trying to catch me riding dirty trying to catch me riding dirty/

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