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  1. Chanel is high as hell on ganja. She’s never this ditzy away from that show she Co host on. The funny thing is her homegirl to the right is trying not to laugh when she got asked about her and CTG’s verbal altercation regarding her rapping career. I have a problem when someone is getting busted out or asked something embarrassing, I can’t hold my laugh. If I was her homegirl I would have walked away real quick before my loud ass laugh would have made the situation worse.

  2. I looked at your music and I wish I could of not listen too it I should of listened too charlamagne and not listen too ur wack ass music

  3. Everybody on these comments are saying that she is wack, but her music isn't that bad. She is rapping about the same things these dudes in the game are rapping about so I don't get it? You think she is wack but I doubt you've given all her songs a listen.

  4. You know someone sucks when the only thing they can point out is someone else’s physical flaws. That’s way too easy especially for a “rapper” 🤣🙄