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  1. Rone even admitted he lost his verse vs Charles Hamilton had a better & cleaner performance but thats where it all started for the Current Champion of King of The Dot

  2. Rone took it. Biased this, biased that, Rone had better delivery and Hamilton was a little vanilla, tryna rap like an MC instead of a battle rapper

  3. Both great rappers, biased crowd. I would've given it to Charles simply due to word smithing and taste. The white boy had the delivery down pact but the crowd was clearly in his favor. No one likes a rapper that comes with his whole entourage to a battle. In this case Charles seemed to have gone to him though, so you know, kinda set himself up for the loss.

  4. Charles clearly won lyrically…he had that "i could do this in my sleep" flow which doesn't go well in battles but definitely went in. Rone did his thing, too.

  5. Rone is cool, but he was all hype in this battle to even be spitting with Charles, and Charles didn't even project his voice he was just talking. His bars were nicer. I don't think half the people there even got that shit. Rone went in but it was pretty typical and simplistic except for a couple nice punches.

    Charles 3 verses off the head, leave hearses dead, type shit, was so much nicer.

    If he was projecting his voice and actually rapping like a battle rapper does he won this.

  6. Rone is straight off the top of da head….all charlie Gayiliton's verse are pre wirtten…MUCH MORE RESPECT for a freestyler than some written bullshit!!!!!!!

  7. Hahaha this title is a lie. Cmon he slips up like 100 times. Check STH part 2 and decide if this joker could toast Charles. He didnt even come close to winning this battle

  8. he took his time to think of that first line hard while charles was rapping" do what u do best roll in a ball" then he started actually freein of the head wit corny shit

  9. Good then go listen to wayne and gucci. Ones a want a be crackhead and the others a full flesh retard. So instead of coming on the videos just to bad mouth someone you dont know go listen to your nigger music… Hint: NIGGER=IGNORANCE

  10. Ha. Ok 2 things, one how did Rone win when he was stuttering and babbling the whole time and really didnt say anything that would make a crowd of poeple act the way they did. And two why do poeple give a shit about battling? Honestly unless your just goofin around(which they were). Battling is for pussy's who think they got something to prove, you dont you really dont. Everyday you people are getting dumber and dumber. The funny thing is im always shocked to hear your stupidity.