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  1. Sad to see someone as conscious as Common, dissing a fellow black brother, no matter when he from he a brother too. All that black conscious shit common was talking don't mean nothing when you tryna put down a another brother. Thats EXACTLY why Chicago got the highest black on black crime. UNITE. AFRICANS UNITE

  2. This Whack Azz beat is SO LAZY it'll Drive it's Listeners Straight Crazy,
    Forcing myself to Listen to the whole thing Hurt like women when having babies!

  3. lol hilariously irrelevant. I am a Common and Drake fan. Both of them make good music. This song is dope as fuck but it's lame as fuck that he went to Haiti to film this just to look hood when you could've done it in the Chi. Plus Drake didn't even have to respond because of how irrelevant Common is and it didn't hurt Drake's rep. Common is a hypocrite always rapping about change and being united with his people but then gonna beef and threaten Drake all because Serena wanted Drake over him lol hypocritical Jesse Jackson ass nigga stfu and just make music.

  4. personally I really don't like this song because it seems like he's trying too hard I think it's other music in the past was better than this but that's because I grew up with his old should I give me wrong I like it I like some of this s*** but most of it's okay but I like it so that the most he just had to be himself even have to prove anything really

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