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  1. You only post video while you're playing.
    But, I really would love to know you personally.
    For example;
    Where are you from ?
    What makes you so interested in Haitian Compa ?
    How did you introduce to Music ?
    Finally, Bass is favorite instrument.
    How can you personally help me to learn ?

    Deep love from Montgomery, Alabama ( USA )

  2. vraiment très propre!! ajoute un pe de folie pour vraiment montré que tu assure et non que tu copie seulement et la…. top du top 😍😍

  3. Wobass…This is incredible. This is the second video I watch from you. I love them both. The bass line is the heart and soul of our music and to see you master it is refreshing. Keep up the good work. I saw that another viewer mentioned Sonia by Black Parents, That is another good one that I and many others would love to hear. Maybe even Alan Cave's Ma Rose.

  4. I agree with you, well I must say your talent are incredible and plz plz don't let it go to waist, I would pay my money everyday just to go see a young lady doing her thing on that bass, this is not something you see everyday… Keep up the good work