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  1. That tangled weave in that bitch head . I thought that's why you whores wear it because you don't like your own nappy hair then put that Indian woman hair in , pay all that money and still don't take care of hers. lol you claim Tommy hates you ( black women ) but nobody hates you ( black women) more than yourselves. Starting with your crown 👑.

  2. These bitches came out of Dillards I was to threw! An she know she was dead wrong for wearing that yellow top with her gut hanging out. This was worse than low budget. Lmfao

  3. This shit is straight buns yo!!! lmao!! how do you go 0-3 on the chicks in the video? he could of at least put together a low budget bar-b-q and had more people with him. chinese movie voice sync, mix down on song trash, ITT tech time…

  4. I had to post twice because that was quite possibly the worst attempt at a rap video I've ever heard or seen. Bizarre from D12 raps better than him. I know his garbage didn't even go foil paper. And the ethering was soooooo damn hilarious. I'm surprised Tommy got through that without cracking up.

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