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  1. @lula4911 ,the carribbean one is called zouk love which is also danced in Angola.. this particular one is clled brazilian zouk which is alot different from the zouk that the Carribbeans dance

  2. @lula4911 Are you angry about that? hahahah… Ok little kid of 4 years old! In your imaginary world nobody dance zouk… just the caribbeans… You're right! You're the owner of the truth and of the zouk! because nobody can dance zouk in your own style if they aren't caribbeans, as nobody can dance Tango, Salsa or Samba if they aren't Argentinians, Colombians, Cubans or Brazilians… perfect logic 🙂

  3. I've just deleted and banned this @lula4911 person, it was getting on my nerves. No discrimination nor hate comments please, and dont you Caps Lock. Its standard netiquette.

  4. @lula4911 I understand you because if you put samba on youtube, you will find a samba that is not brazilian! It's a "International Ballroom samba dance" and it's named as "Samba". But the difference is that in this video is wrote "Brazilian style" so it's not the "original". There're Colombian Salsa & Cuban Salsa AND there're Caribbean Zouk & Brazilian Zouk ! Do I have to draw for you ? The brazilian zouk exist and it's called Zouk Lambada because of the lambada steps! If you want or NOT.

  5. @lula4911 Chill out. The only one who is really getting upset about this you. What does it matter to you if they call the Waltz "Zouk"? There are so many ways that people suffer in this world, and you feel like this is so important a topic that you are willing to get upset about it? Weird.

  6. @lula4911 All dance styles can absorb flavors from different geographic regions. To be so absolute about the evolution of dance (that dance styles don't change over time) may only hinder your own understanding of human behavior and dance. But I just read your other comments, and have come to think that you may not be swayed from absolutist perspectives. I would encourage you to relax a bit and allow people the freedom to dance their butts off without your mental judgments.