danza de origen Haitiano donde las mujeres para hacer el trabajo de la limpia del café mas ligero cantaban y bailanban al compas del tambor.
Danse d’origine Haïtienne ou les femmes pour rendre plus agréable le nettoyage du café , chantent et dansent sur le rythme des tambours . Spectacle présenté par le ballet folclorico de l’oriente pour son 50 ° anniversaire au théâtre jose Marti Santiago de Cuba. directrice Milagros Ramirez Gonzalez



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  1. @phijona I am a Trinidadian and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I can see how Haitian slaves who were taken to Trinidad had helped to influence Trinidad's dance styles such as Bele Dance and the Tobago Jig). However it isn't a one way street, Skaves from both Africa and the Caribbean have influenced each other's dance styles. Know that there were slaves from Trinidad in Haiti too. We Caribbean people are all the same, yet varied at the same time.   

  2. I love Haiti because they really clenched onto their African roots unlike the other caribbean countries, the drums are so similar to bantu rhythms, a majority of Haitians must've originated from the southern side of Africa.

  3. Learn your history, that is authentic tribal afro caribbean dance and music, look up ballet folkorique, Lavinia Willams, rara which is another style of haitian music as is merengue (kompas is just a slow merengue) bolero and congo (Althierry Dorival) same as colombian cumbia (Carolos Vives, Cabas etc.) The same tribal Colombian dance Shakira does (Hips don't lie) is also a Haitian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, afro-carribean folklore. 

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