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  1. I don't think  people understand the relevance of this tune ,it was a ground breaker, I was twelve years old part of hip hop crew doing dance offs with other crews ,not  in NY  in Leeds northern England ,that's how far it travelled

  2. Why can't hip-hop be fun anymore? A lot of the shit nowadays that passes as party music is just plain depressing. Is it not cool to make shit that makes people wanna dance anymore?

  3. this real rap i am 18 and i am so glad my mom and dad played this jams that will forever live on in my head my mom once called me an old head because she said i know old school songs and i laughed and said it's your fault mom but i think both parents cause the shit today is trash i hope they bring things like this back and show the youngins how it's done

  4. WACK, but it's positivity is a plus! I mean really wack and boring, nothing like todays more complexed and entertaining styles-especially battle rap!

  5. this reminds me of when I was a Lil kid. my pops was in the marines and he and his fellow marine buddies would throw parties on the weekends on the base and this would bump loud! I can still remember peeking my head out the play room and seeing my daddy getting down to this and George Clinton HAAARD!!!