Elevation Worship – Here As In Heaven (Live)


From Elevation Worship’s album, Here As In Heaven.

These songs inspire us to worship with a new sense of expectation and purpose, and to let our lives be the evidence of His presence on earth.

Get the album here: http://ele.vc/HAIHitunes

Watch the acoustic version: https://youtu.be/IR-7O57IQUA


The atmosphere is changing now
For the Spirit of the Lord is here
The evidence is all around
That the Spirit of the Lord is here

Overflow in this place, fill our hearts with your
Your love, surrounds us
You’re the reason we came, to encounter your
Your love, surrounds us

Spirit of God fall fresh on us
We need your presence
Your kingdom come, your will be done
Here as in heaven

A miracle can happen now
For the Spirit of the Lord is here
The evidence is all around
That the Spirit of the Lord is here

CCLI: # 7051506



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  1. I love the lord so much, I used to be a muslim but now i am a christian because God is alive. The lord accepted me for who i am. I have now made a youtube channel to proclaim his name because he is great

  2. last night I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ. I was raised in church my whole life but after a year of fighting depression I went to church and last night at revival and a deep conversation with my cousin and her best friend about self worth and about how God died for us….I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour. I woke up today feeling the best I have ever felt in forever.

  3. The LORD inhabits the praise of his chosen ones.Fill your hearts with love for The Lord our king has saved his people from their sins,while we were yet sinners he died for us.
    Even if you were the only sinner,Jesus gave his life to save you personally.
    Never forgive you are sons and daughters of the most high GOD.Live life's worthy of his mercy and grace throughout your life.
    ''If you give a cup of water, in my name.

  4. This song does a great job at stirring up my emotions. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. That feeling of being on fire for God is awesome, but is it genuine?

  5. Congrats Micheal…..welcome to the body of Christ and into the arm of the Father God whom has always loved you; He has been waiting. Pursue Him with thirst and humility. ???

  6. The lord has brought me down to my knees in tears, something I swore as a young kid I would never do. The darkness in my heart turned into pure love for the lord, I am now a different man. A man of God.

  7. Listening to this songs gives me high. I feel God in the presence. It's just unreal on how just simple song can change what you think about for the rest of the day. It stops me from overthinking situations that shouldn't be over thought. It takes me from a low and puts me back up. If I didn't have songs like this that just show how powerful god really is, i wouldn't know where my life would be right now

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