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  1. You are a dumbbass for harassing a crazy lady. Maybe she read the rape stats and knows black men rape white women everyday. Why do black men rape white women so often. What do you mean "You people" You are a racist. You are arguing with an old lady. You are a loser. Yes! you are the bad guy.

  2. I normally laugh at these videos, this one made me sick, as a 22ya Arab man who has been through some legal bullshit and then some for the color of my skin, thinking about all those brothers who did life in prison or worse for "raping" white women that were probably 30 feet away too almost made me throw up

  3. bro he coulda got killed cause she lied on him, man this is not funny for all the comments this is informational and He did the right thing to expose racism

  4. this pisses me tf off BC black people are people to and I saw a woman at the store saying that all black people smoked weed and did drugs and that's why cops pull em over and check there house car and body it dosing fucking mean shit its just a color. I don't understand why they are treated different

  5. no offense but this channel only show racism to black people you know in my country black people(but not exactly) like to pick on white people ,they act as we're stupid animals

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