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  1. Born in Africa (Ethiopia)
    2010 -2014 I was in South Sudan 🇸🇸 in Juba with Ethiopians,Tanzanians,Ugandans,Kenyans,Eritreans,Rwandans,Congolese,N.Sudanese,Somalians,with huge respect,love,happiness,making money, feeling unity,particularly with Uganda’s cause they was extremely many in Juba at that time.Ugandans they are lovely people respectful and they have modern mentality too.God bless the the whole world,African,East African,my DNA land.
    12/1/2014 -18/10/2014 i was in Libya 🇱🇾
    19/20/21//10//2014 3dayandnights I was In Mediterranean ocean.
    22/10/2014 -26/10/14Sicilia i was in Italy 🇮🇹
    26/10/14-5/12/14 i was in Catania Roma
    6/12/2014- till today am in Munich Bavaria Germany 🇩🇪 ..and Germany is not my last destination till to recover my happiness..however thx God..my point is i miss Africa but don’t tell me to go back.