GOD’S WATERFALL, LIVING WATER,Christian praise and worship music video. Modern song.


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From Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson. God’s waterfall of love is for sharing. The love of Jesus is amazing, and not for keeping to ourselves. God’s love is amazing, music about sharing the love of God in the roar of your waterfalls. 2013, This is a Christian music song about how we are Gods’ waterfall, and not a reservoir for storing up God’s love and keeping the Love of Jesus for ourselves. We are called to bless each other with the blessings and love God gives us. Jesus’ love is amazing, and it should inspire us to share.

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I think that as Christians we spend a lot of time worshipping and praying in the hope of what we might receive from God, and when we do that too much and for too long we can stagnate. Like a reservoir without a flow-through. So this Christian worship music song describes that image as a metaphor for god’s love flowing through us, keeping our salvation fresh and alive, and as we give God’s love to other with an attitude of joy and celebration we will receive more to give.

Christian worship music songs by me, Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson are perhaps not the sort you’ll sing in church, but are meant to be encouraging, affirming celebrations of God’s love and our relationship with Him through Christ Jesus. Christians aren’t reservoirs for storing up God’s love for themselves, we are to live a life of giving and sharing with others for the sake of the world to come.

Christian worship music song about being refreshed and cleansed in the flow of God’s love as He equips us to go out into the world and share that love with others, rather than stagnating and trying to keep it all for ourselves.

As we are loved by God, so we should love others, and the love of God will be refreshed in our own lives. New Christian music.



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  1. brother I love this song…. I have mixcraft6 and I reacorded the bestb I could you could sing it if you like the fire song on my channel

  2. I enjoying this song 🙂 God is awesome and he is real and he will show up when we ask Him .For sure is he a living God . Thank you for this song
     it blessed me !!!

  3. It is good to celebrate what God has done for us. I am thrilled that He has taken me out of my old life, washed me and made me white as snow. I am a new creation because of His love. God bless you brother 🙂 

  4. the dark world is a very terrible thing to deal with and i means as in witchcraft it has affected my family badly where there's tears in our eyes and its sad the haitians need to stop with it cause it destroy my life and im a christians while other in my family aint and it divide us violently. haitian say it nothing bad but its something satanic it harms people The devil IS A LIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR we need this voodoo to be outlawed cause it destroyed my family to the point where it's dysfunctional and i get scrape by evil spirits at night it saaaddd really but im not giving up my faith on CHRIST. all these stuff mucamba voodoo santeria isnt good like they say itssss EVIL satanic please as christians let us pray for one another. 

  5. Love the message of this song!  Our salvation in Christ is definitely something to celebrate and give thanks for everyday!  Great job on this song.  May His grace be with you and us all.  😎

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