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  1. You are the very reason I started writing and producing music! I have a few songs on my channel if you wanna check them out! Love you.

  2. Listening to this while play book on tape "The Great Philosophy narrated by Charlton Heston Plato" while mixing into OutKast B.O.B, having me a scooby-snack, and i get super Lit when we touch on the Gaurdians justice…talk about going to space, time for some Origami rainbows, lets make some gold for these circuits to cross these realms…feel the spin of the verse and let your left side out to play, wake up time…

  3. Can someone explain the video context, please? I really like it, and now i want to understand. I can't believe that this is a "old" video… i wished i could saw it earlier. Well, now is better than never!