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  1. I don't like how that fat bastard mushed PAC in the head like that.its all jokes until you touch me and his fat ass would of got fucked up if that was me.

  2. Somehow I'm pissed that he put his hand in his face, and I bet Pac didn't like that either….still not 100 on whether this was all the way a joke

  3. 4realz though this is a joke….anybody from the hood, know a punk ass hater like that. They r mocking those haters, cuz these guys prob dealt with them on the regular. Just hating everything u achieved, while they sit back do nothing and want hand outs.

  4. Now y'all know if this shit was real Pac would've fucked dude up, it's obviously a joke, y'all quit misleading folks with stupid titles having people interpret shit the wrong way.

  5. I think you're confused between dissing an fucking around, you probably don't have any good friends, so you probably don't understand what's fucking around means. this is click baiting bitch move bull shit.

  6. It's crazy that the internet was still a few years away after Tupac died. He didn't know about it. For some reason that amazes me.